Empress Kush is an alter ego of American rapper and singer Christel South.  She pairs soulful singing with edgy rap over beats that range from a catchy pop-edm-hiphop fusion to straight up West Coast bangers. 

Her earlier, self-produced works have earned high praises from many; and new collaborations with the Head Producer at the OG Death Row Records, Darren Vegas, deliver the chart-topping potential only an experienced platinum producer can cook up.

“Not Your Type”, Empress Kush’s latest track and the second single from her upcoming album “Celebrity Crush”, is a West Coast rap song that was recorded in one take on no sleep after staying up all night writing and practicing. 

In the crass and ridiculous “I Just Wanna F*** Elon Musk” (2022), Empress Kush gets in your face with some frankly insane lyrics over a classic West Coast beat. 

2020 saw the release of “Coke Dick”; in addition, “Push You Away” and “The Rona” were released under Christel South (because the Empress was having an identity crisis and thought she would go back to making music under her real name – in hindsight, this was an error). 

“Live It Up”, a fan favorite, and "Go Hard" were both released in 2019.

Empress Kush’s 2018 releases include the stoner anthem “4:20” and the raw, hard-hitting “High & Dry”, both self-produced. 

“You And I” (2018), a collaboration with fellow rapper Motor Mouth which was produced by Darren Vegas, is wildly popular among fans young and old.

“Ghetto Boujee” (2018), the first track Empress Kush made with Darren Vegas, features L.A. based rapper $horty and paints a vivid picture of the life and personality of Empress Kush.  



Plurrville Farms 

Christel’s goals extend FAR beyond music.  She plans to develop a network of employee-owned solar, hemp, food & natural medicine farms that provide all the basic needs for survival free to its member-employees, with surplus products being sold to non-members for profit (with a portion of profits being distributed among member-employees). 

Member-employee housing will be provided in the form of solarpunk style tiny home villages. 

This model will also be used to end homelessness by providing homes and a path to self-determination.  Christel hopes that through Empress Kush Music, she will garner the support to make her vision a reality.




One of Christel's ultimate goals in life is to open community centers in underprivileged areas which will provide free education, recreation, and childcare; thus facilitating a generational ripple effect that will raise the quality of life for the community as a whole.

The education at the community centers will include business and entrepreneurship training, financial management training, parenting classes, comprehensive sex education, and comprehensive drug awareness & safety.  

Special care will be given to ensuring that youth have access to extracurricular activities such as arts classes, sports, and science.  Studies have shown that keeping youth involved in extracurricular activities can drastically reduce the prevalence of drug use (including alcohol and tobacco) in youth.

It is imperative that community members be educated in the value of circulating money among small businesses within the community versus patronizing corporations that siphon wealth out of the community and into the hands of the top 1%.  

Along these lines, Christel's nonprofit organization will offer subsidies to local small businesses so that they can compete with big corporations on pricing and therefore keep wealth circulating within the community. 

Stay tuned for updates to find out how you can help!